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108 days OMAD challenge

108 days OMAD challenge

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I am doing a 108 days content posting challenge. 

I will type 1000 words every day at 5:00 a.m. for 108 days.

I will be mainly posting about my OMAD diet that is One Meal A Day diet and other health related topics that I come across. 

Day 1

Today is the first day of my 108 days content posting challenge.

I will write about my OMAD journey.

I am planning to do it for 108 days. 

I will keep posting if I succeed or fail in my OMAD challenge.

I am on fast for 16 hours for today.

I will slowly work up to OMAD.

Generally I am feeling alright with the fast, though I have a slight headache.

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Fasting has many therapeutic benefits to the human body. 

Long term fasting that is fasting for more than 16 hours have shown to create growth hormones and also trigger autophagy in the body.

Autophagy is the process of body eating itself. 

When our body is in a fasted stage for a long duration, the body starts a clean up process.

During which, it starts breaking down any old or damaged cells or visceral fat into fuel for the body.

Visceral fats are the dangerous fats that develop between the organs in the body.

These fats are very hard to eliminate by exercise alone. 

For me this challenge is not just about doing OMAD, it is also a mental challenge of doing a set of  actions consistently for the set period of time.

I believe it will build grit and make my mind stronger.

Also I am interested to see the changes that will happen to my writing.

I have never succeeded in completing a challenge like this.

The maximum I have gone is for maybe a week, before I take a break.

And the break never ends.

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What will I do differently this time?

I am doing this action on time, at 5:00 am every day.

At 5:00 in the morning, no one else is awake.

At this time I have the least amount of distractions challenging my action.

I am starting this challenge slowly and building up to OMAD.

I will start 16 hours fast, once I am comfortable doing that, I will increase my fast duration.

Also the word count of the challenge will be slowly worked up to 1000 words.

I am also allowing failure to happen, only condition is I will take a note of it in my blog.

Maybe write about what was going through my mind at that time.

What are the challenges that I will face?

Of course the temptation for the food when I am hungry. 

My hunger takes over my mind, and makes it conveniently forget about the fast.

Next is the sheer boredom of doing a task repeatedly.

My mind will rebel and find some reason to not do the task

My mental stamina for repetitive tasks are really low. 

So I should see this as an opportunity to exercise my mental stamina.

I believe this will improve the stickability factor of my mind. 

This challenge is more on the mind than on the body.

It will help me be more in control of my mind.

My mind can make my body do stuff that is contrary to what I have decided.

Especially where the decision is concerned with food.


I will do this challenge for 108 days and make a post everyday at 5:00 a.m.

I think it will have a far reaching effect on various aspects of my life. 

It will definitely help me create a more healthy food habit.

It will help me lose weight and build muscles.

It will discipline my mind. 

See you on the other side.

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