Hello! I’m Prem.

I am a recent Yoga convert based in New Delhi, India.

I have always struggled with my weight. My current BMI is 32 (Obese). I know this is nothing to be proud of, but before I was 36, and I am quite happy with the progress I am making.

This weight loss is the result of various lifestyle changes I have made.

Being obese has made me an expert in what does not work. I have tried jogging, gym membership, and various popular diets. And nothing has worked for me. 

So in this Blog, I will share my journey of losing weight and getting my health back. At present my blood sugar and blood pressure are high. I intend to bring it to normal with healthy diet and Yoga practice (and no medication).

Also, I have been tinkering with making money online for the past few years. But I have never really dedicated any time or effort in that direction.

I have decided to pursue it seriously. My goal is to generate a passive income of $10,000/- per month. I will share how I am going to do this in this blog.

I will review and share my honest opinion of various online products that I find useful in accomplishing my goals.

If you any query or comment, feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected].

Thank You,
Prem Asok