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OMAD Benefits

9 OMAD benefits

Day two of my 108 days of content creation. 

I have decided on making each blog post on a related topic that I want to explore.

In this blog post I will be exploring OMAD benefits. 

I will be finding answers to the question “what are the benefits of an OMAD diet?”

Day 2

I did not complete my 16 hour fast yesterday.

I completed only 13 hours of fasting.

I think I find it difficult to continue my fast in the morning.

I generally give into my temptation of eating salted snacks in the morning.

I think I should make changes to my fasting window, so that I can counter my mind’s quirk to snack on salted savories before breakfast. 

What I should do is to start my fasting window at 14:00 in the afternoon, and finish it at 6:00 the next day morning.

This way I would have fasted 16 hours, before the urge to eat sets in.

And I have noticed that when I cross the 16 hour mark, I am able to push the fasting duration to 18 hours or to even 20 hours easily.

And of course eating comfort food first thing in the morning is not a good habit. 

I have to learn to wait till a proper healthy breakfast.

Ideally what I would like is to start my fast at 14:00 and end it at 10:00 next day in the morning.

This will give me a solid 20 hour fast.

This is my first goal to achieve to work up to OMAD.

OMAD benefits

There are many benefits to OMAD apart from the obvious benefit of saving time spent on the activity of eating and cleaning the dishes. 

First of all, you can almost eat anything during the one meal that you eat. 

Of course the quality of your food matters, but there is no restriction on what you choose to eat. 

You can make this one meal big. And if you choose to, you can eat all the three meals in the one hour window of OMAD.

But if your idea is to lose weight, and improve your cognitive abilities, then you should be very mindful of what you eat and how much you eat.

OMAD benefits also includes increased Insulin sensitivity. 

As your insulin sensitivity improves your pancreas will need to produce less insulin for pushing glucose and energy into the cell.

Fasting helps our body to unlock the stored fat for fuel. And in the process help you reach your ideal weight goal.

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It also reduces inflammation in our body. Inflammation has been shown to be associated with aging and chronic diseases. 

OMAD benefits also include increased cognition, memory and focus. 

When your body is in a fasted state, it triggers the release of cortisol, adrenaline and growth hormone to prime you for action. 

It also increases BDNF or brain derived neurotrophic factor. BDNF is a growth hormone responsible for the creation of new neurons.

Fasting improves your metabolism, so when you eat, the food is broken down faster, and absorbed better into the body.

It is also associated with autophagy, the natural process of cellular cleaning. It helps get rid of old and damaged cells and in the process helps you stay younger for longer.

Fasting has also been shown to increase Human growth hormone and lean muscle mass.  

Last but not the least OMAD will definitely improve your discipline, and improve your long game.

Discipline and willpower are like muscles, the more you train them, the stronger it gets.


I was having a slight headache yesterday. I guess even food has withdrawal symptoms.

OMAD benefits out weigh any discomforts it may cause.  

Anyway I have to be more aware about how my mind works. 

At present, when I am not strong enough to challenge it I have to work around it. 

Like for example I am aware that I have a habit of binging on salted savories in the morning.

So instead of trying to power through it, I have decided to start my fasting window earlier, so that I will have finished 16 hours fast by the time this urge to binge sets in.

With practice I am sure I will be stronger in my mind, to be more disciplined about my food habits. 

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